Driving School 1

About driving studies

Driving studies in Iceland are based on a study schedule created by the Icelandic Transport Authority. The aim of the driving studies is for the student to receive skills and attitudes which enable him or her to drive:

  • With maximum safety.
  • With foresight.
  • With the car‘s safety equipment fully functioning and using all protective gear available to the driver appropriately.
  • With full regard for safety and health of other persons and the environment and in compliance with the traffic code, any regulations and other statutes applying to driving and traffic.

The studies are handled by driving instructors and driving schools. At the beginning of studies permission must be obtained from a district commissioner. The application form can be found here.

Before you can start Driving school 1, you must have completed at least one applied driving session.
According to regulations, Driving school 1 and a minimum of 10 applied sessions (45 minutes each) must have been completed before a practice permit can be applied for.

Driving school 1 can be taken online at the Online Driving School and it replaces the traditional classroom courses. It is advisable to combine the studies of the written material and the applied sessions in such a fashion that it gives maximum results. We encourage you to contact your driving instructor to get instructions on how best to do that.

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